Where is your ship headed?

Imagine that your life is like a ship. You embarked on a wonderful cruise on the endless sea. You placed yourself comfortably on a sunbed at the deck of the ship. And since you don’t know how to navigate it you left the steering of the ship to someone else: your parents, your partner, some other authority figure or anyone that you think has enough of experience and knowledge to navigate it. You are slowly starting to lose shore. You are admiring the view but you don’t know where you are headed. Since you consider the captain of your ship as an experienced sailor you assume that they know the way. The captain of your ship, since you haven’t told him where you need to go, is going in the direction where he thinks you need to go.

When the storm arrives

You are napping, watching a movie, chatting with friends that from time to time that stop by the deck of your ship. You keep sailing comfortably like this for days, months, years… All of a sudden a storm starts. Waves start getting bigger and bigger and the ship starts rocking dangerously. The feeling of fear and nausea wakes you up from your sleep.  You run to your captain screaming at him and criticizing him for how badly he is navigating the ship. He starts apologizing and telling you he is doing the best he can while reminding you that he is not responsible for sailing your ship and that he is doing you a favor for which you should be grateful for. The waves calm down and you go back to laying on your sunbed.

Photography: Srđan Garčević (@sergesrdjan)

The captain abandoned ship?

After some time you notice that the ship is out of control. You get up and go to the captain and find out there is no one there. Your captain has abandoned you and no one is steering the ship. You start panicking. No one ever taught you how to steer a ship. You never even tried doing it. Some people, when encountered with this kind of situation will try and find a replacement for their captain. They will accept anyone just so they don’t have to do it themselves. Some of them that trust their own ability will take a moment and wonder how they can learn to steer it themselves. They will start looking for an user’s manual, books or ask experienced sailors how to do it. They are lead to find a solution so they could help themselves, not expecting someone else to do it instead. In the start, they make mistakes, can’t seem to move from one place because they don’t know how to turn the engine on, they move left and right, sometimes they even start going in reverse. They don’t give up because they know that this is all a part of the process. They keep drawing new courses and slowly but surely they start going in that direction. At this moment they have already come to know the commands of the ship and now they have a new map that directs their course. The sea is sometimes calm and quiet and at times storms rage. But, now they are already experienced sailors that have learned to accept peacefully all weather conditions because they believe in their navigating skills and trust that their ship is of good quality and strong and can withstand even the biggest storms. They are finally happy to know that the steering wheel of their life is in their hands.

Are you in charge of your own ship and is the wheel of your life in your own hands?

If not, what are you waiting for? Whom did you give this responsibility to? What is preventing you from taking it in your own hands?

If you are in charge, are you feeling the joy of sailing? Do you know where you are headed and how to get there?

The best feeling in my life was when I came to the realization that I am the only one in charge of my life. This realization enabled me to find new and better paths to my destinations, to follow them consistently and to enjoy the journey. Because life is a joy, and everything else is just a false interpretation of it.

Author: Ana