The secret ingredients for manifesting

A very popular quote about the law of attraction says: “Thoughts become things” -that we can manifest whatever we want in our life with just enough focus on it. However, no matter how much effort we put into succeeding at it, somehow it seems to not happen for us at all or it only happens partially. So, where are we making the mistake or are we forgetting something in the process of manifesting?  

The secret ingredient for manifesting number 1: We put in too much effort

Manifesting is a natural ability of the Soul and making an effort to manifest something is like making an effort to breath. We are constantly manifesting our reality. With everything that we are and what we do we are creating some kind of an outcome based on the law of attraction, which is in sync with the outer results that we get in our life. This doesn’t just involve the mental level and what we feel (emotional level) but it involves also everything that exists in our subconscious (belief systems, experiences, genes and genetic programs…), in our unconscious (archetypal energies) and our Soul level (soul lessons, karmic patterns, soul contracts). Also, there are collective realities and experiences of greater groups of Souls which we are part of. So, for starters it would be good if we stopped putting in so much effort to manifest something and start observing what we truly are. Because when we change the input, the output will automatically change. A lot of you have asked me how to do that. To start, you can try a simple meditation where you put yourself in the role of the observer. However, in my experience to change the content of our subconsciousness we need to go through dedicated and persistent work. I have chosen the techniques Theta Healing and Deep PEAT because I am in complete resonance with its systems and because I’ve had great results with it. However, a secret recipe doesn’t exist. Simply, everyone needs to choose a technique that they feel is right for them.

ogledalo manifestovanja

The secret ingredient for manifesting number 2: For a quality manifestation you need focus and mental clarity

Our subconscious is very literal and gives us exactly what we asked of it. No more and no less than that. That is why it is very important to have a clear vision of what we are focused on for the physical manifestation to be satisfactory. A great example of this is the experience I had a few weeks ago. Currently I am staying and working at an Eco village Sennruti in Switzerland. One of my duties here is taking care of a used goods shop where every member of our community can leave something for others as a gift but can also take something that he needs. So, I had a wish to attract someone who is going to leave their roller blades, that I will be able to also use. A week later in the shop arrived ten pairs of roller blades, all sizes between 29 to 37. I, however wear a size 40. So, be precise and clear about what you want to manifest, because the result may surprise you.


The secret ingredient for manifestation number 3: For a quality manifestation you need enough amount of energy

The probability if something will manifest or not is directly dependent on the amount of energy that is focused on the wanted outcome. The general problem with people in our surroundings is the energy deficiency that the humans have. There are many reasons for this, and some of them are: the low frequency morphic fields that most people are tuned into for the most part of the day (institutions- schools, companies, hospitals, media…generally, all physical manifestations of the artificial matrix). There are also the morphic fields of our families and ancestors, the region we are born into and live in, the sex we have chosen (man/woman), the collective field of the whole human kind, field of our gallaxy and the Universe – and finally the experience of the whole Creation. Further, the deficiency of energy is also a result of our unsolved emotional problems, conflicted belief systems and traumas  that drain our energy and still feed those parallel realities where they happened. This is also true for the karmic burden where a great amount of our spiritual fragments are “trapped”. So, what can be done to raise the energy level of a person? I have decided to go with Reiki, but other techniques that affect the energy level of a person can be great also. I consider this really important, because for your self-development you will need a certain amount of initial energy. However, for serious results the inside work is of the greatest importance. The job that the most of us have in this lifetime is the integration of the Soul, ie. getting “unstuck” all of the fragmented parts from different levels and bringing them back into a whole, which demands a thorough and persistent work on ourselves. Also, it is very important to choose the morphic field with which we have interaction during the day and to choose the one with vibrations that are beneficial for our energetical state and development, or at least that aren’t harmful to us. In my case that was changing my job, the people I surround myself with, places I visited, my natural environment, the books I read, the movies I watch… When we synchronize with all parts of our being, manifestations simply happen. Because it is something most natural that is given to us, but we have forgotten about it.

manifestovanja 3

The secret ingredient for manifesting nuber 4: It is hard to swim upstream

Even though it is listed as last, it may be one of the most important. The amount of energy that is needed for something to manifest is inversely proportional to the level of general welfare that the manifestation results in. So, if we want to manifest something that will in some way harm the free will of others or negatively influence someone, we will need a much greater amount of energy for it to manifest. This is also true when the influence of our manifestation is indirect or when we are not aware of our influence on others. There is something that is called a wider picture or the evolutionary spiral that represents the evolutionary path of humankind. If our desired manifestation is in tune with the wishes of our Soul and it is in tune with the general evolution of the human kind there is a great probability that what we want will manifest, because the resources and help that we need will be given to us from different sides. Because it is then that we are not only playing for ourselves, but for the team of the whole Creation.


Author of text & phostos: Ana