The social aspects of life in a community – the abundance and challenges

Today when alienation and individualization are getting greater in Europe, but also in Serbia, people who have chosen to live in a community (that are not blood related) are for most us an enigma. The first question I asked myself after waking up in an eco-village was: “How do these people succeed at functioning with thirty something grown adults and the same number of children, when we can’t seem to get along living with our partner or our family of just a couple of members?” Even though they live in their biological families in their own apartments, there are still a number of things that can be the source of conflict – from the color of the walls in the hall to the system of decision making and the way of interpersonal communication.

Why is a community life a symbol for suffering, conflicts and mutual dissatisfaction?
Because of our belief systems, (programs and conditioned reactions) traumas and bad experiences from the past and the emotional charge that we carry because of that. Because of genetic programs and programs on the historic level which force us as women to suffer, be silent and repress our dissatisfaction. Because of genetic and historic programs that force men to refer to women with disrespect so they won’t be considered as weak. The consequence of all of is that women carry a great amount of emotional pain because of generations of abuse and repressing the feminine energy. Also, it is a fact that men carry an exceptionally great amount of guilt because of generations of domination and abuse of the male energy. Since we are a lot more that this body and mind and since the cosmic evolutionary cycle we are in, all our repressed emotions (from all levels) are coming out to the surface to be healed. It’s no wonder that they most often manifest in the most sensitive aspect of our lives – interpersonal relationships.

Wherever I go I see my reflection

There is a saying that goes “As outside, so it is within. As within, so it is outside.”  Our reality is a reflection of ourselves. Everything that we have created represents certain aspects of who we are. This is especially evident in our interpersonal relationships, especially with the people we spend a lot of time with or the one’s we live with. For the people who see themselves as victims and who refuse to take responsibility for their own life (which is also part of the belief system), a life in a community can become a hell, a source of new traumas that pull them deeper and deeper into energetical knots which they have created a long time ago. Than these cycles they keep repeating for decades or even longer, like a hamster on a wheel, running but getting nowhere.For people who are aware of the interpersonal dynamic, life  in a community may seem like a blessing – the ideal opportunity to show their weaknesses and unintegrated aspects and to heal them. This is the most intense and fastest workshop of personal development – and it’s for free! How we will heal it, it is up to us. Personally I use techniques such as Deep PEAT, Reiki, Theta Healing, but there are also countless of other techniques that can be used. What is most important is that the energetical knots, that are reflected in our conflicted relations, are resolved. If we don’t do this, the knot will repeat itself. Not because God or someone else is hating or punishing us (which is the common belief), but because it is the nature of energy that tends to circulate in the same pattern till it is released and comes to the point of balance.

Photo: Milana Milošević Minja

A path through thorns to emotional maturity

How many times have we sought meaning, how many times have we asked ourselves what it is all about and where does it lead us. The path has been drawn a long time ago and the stops on it also. The first one of them is called “emotional maturity”. This means that we should embrace ALL of our emotions and to accept all the sadness, pain, suffering, hurt, anger, rage, hate  that we have ever felt. The human emotional body has experienced thousands of years of repression. Because of the point of the evolutionary spiral that we are in now, the time has come for it to be freed, accepted and  integrated. And then in days to come that we finnally can start a conversation about how we feel. To ask ourselves or someone “How are you?” – and to completely understand that question in it’s full meaning. And to learn how to listen to our emotions, before we project them onto others or on to our physical body, causing that way various disorders in the functioning of our body. That will be a moment when life becomes much easier, and we will, as a civilization get out of childhood and step into young adulthood. The illusion of our own superiority, supremacy, the need for competition, arrogance and conceit, the need to rule and control (over other people, animals, plants, the planet…) and the consequences of such behavior are the first things we must face. Then we will need to overcome the guilt and self-judgement when we realize the consequences of our behavior. Even though this process can be painful, it can be also realising. A part from that, it represents a sign of maturity and readiness to let go of old patterns, to embrace our ignorance and start learning.

Next stop “from separation the oneness”

With enquiring emotional maturity, our communication with other will drastically improve. Emotional tension will lessen or disappear completely, and interpersonal relations will become what they always were supposed to be – a source of fulfillment and satisfaction instead of suffering. It is then that a life in a community becomes a blessing and starts teaching us how to come back to our natural state of existence – the state of unity and connection. That is the state of deep love towards our close ones, ourselves and it is completely different from conditioned love. It is connecting us with the universal vibration of love that has always existed, the vibration that we couldn’t reach yet. That is the state of being when with people we make a field of love, and it is completely irrelevant if we know them well or not, the color of their skin, nationality, religion…That is the state where we feel the emotions of every animal we come in contact with and we are aware of their worth, uniqueness and importance in the creation. That is a state where every plant is priceless, just like the whole planet and what it gives to us. It is then that it won’t be forbidden for us to take what we need, but we will stop taking it with the belief that it belongs to us, because of the illusion of our own supremacy. It will be given to us what we really need, and we will accept it with gratitude and respect. We will see the wider picture, our role in it and our Soul`s role. We will be simultaneously connected vertically, with our creative energy and all that is, but also connected horizontally, with all the other elements of creation. Then it will be of no importance with who we live and how because we have realized that everything is within us. That is the moment when we will embrace our uniqueness, free the deepest potential of our Soul and connect again with the true power that resides inside us. This is where we encounter a fork on the road. For us to see where the path leads, we must get to that point. And where do we go from there? Most surely as completely conscious Creator being in to the new phase of evolution…

Author of text & photos: Ana