How do we create our reality?

How many times have we asked ourselves: “Why is this happening in my life? Why am I attracting problems, bad people and challenging situations? Why can’t I create a reality where I will be happy and fulfilled?” Isn’t fulfillment, happiness and love what all of us are seeking? If they are, what is preventing us from reaching them?

Our beliefs are filters through which we experience reality

Theta Healing defines beliefs as claims that our mind doesn’t question. It perceives them as an absolute truth and on which it connects, interprets and perceives all other information that it gets. Based on that, it creates reactions to new situations and experience. Our mind can be observed as an exceptionally developed biological computer, and our beliefs as basic programs that allow all other executing programs to run. It is logical to conclude that if our basic beliefs are dysfunctional, our operating programs won’t work the way they are meant to and the results that we get in the end will be partial, distorted and confusing.

How our beliefs were created?

According to Theta healing teaching all beliefs were created on four levels: basic level, genetic level, historical level and soul level.

Basic level

The basic level of programs (beliefs) were created during the fetus period and the period from birth until the present day. Those are the beliefs we have adopted observing how our parents interacted with each other and with other people, how they reacted to circumstances and situations. If our parents are arguing it is highly possible that we will believe that love is pain and if I love someone I have to hurt him or be hurt. The emotions and traumas that mother experiences during pregnancy are most often vibrationally transferred on to the fetus. If the mother is abused and rejected during pregnancy, the baby may believe that life is dangerous, that it is worthless and that it deserves to be abused.

Genetical level

The genetical level includes programs and memories of the morphic field of the family in which we are born into, the programs of our ancestors and information from morphic field around our DNA. It is considered that we carry information up to seven generations of our ancestors. An example of these beliefs is that the life of an agriculture worker is hard, beliefs around scarcity, poverty, lack, hunger, patriarchal beliefs about the position of the woman in the family i.e. the woman has to sacrifice herself to be loved and for her to considered a good mother, the woman has to satisfy her husband (man)…

Historical level

The historical level includes the field of the collective consciousness of mankind i.e. the field where the experience of the whole humankind from different time and space can be found. These are the beliefs that have been confirmed many times by people and have been memorized in the morphic field of humankind and which people perceives as absolute truth. Some examples of the historical level of beliefs is that people are dangerous, some illnesses ice. cancer and diabetes are incurable, the human body is mortal, people have to age… These programs are most often found in other levels also, but were most likely conceived first on the historical level and later on transferred to the basic and genetic level.

Soul level

The deepest level of belief is on the Soul level. Considering that the Soul, like everything else in the Universe is in a state of constant development there are beliefs that are even carried on this level. They were conceived in different realities and circumstance and they represent the most intense and deepest traumatic experiences of the Soul, that left a deep mark on how the Soul perceives itself and the whole creation. These beliefs can be various i.e. I have to punished, I don’t deserve love, I am someone’s ownership, there is not enough…Beliefs from this level are most certainly transferred on the rest of the three levels and manifest in our lives to be resolved. The resolving of the belief on the Soul level can bring a big evolutionary progress and represent the deepest desire of the Soul. That is why it will persistently create situations in life where it will manifest programs with a goal for them to be resolved and for the karmic knots, that are preventing it from further progress, to be resolved.

So, beliefs can be conceived as absolute truths taken from different morphic fields (parents, ancestors, collective consciousness, soul). They can also be “truths” that we have adopted based on experiences from certain situations interpreted from the level of consciousness we had in the moment when those situations happened. If at that time we didn’t have the resources to help us get through that experience without any consequences, the emotional trauma and fears have already been experienced and every next time the same automatic response will be activated until the knot is resolved, the emotional energy freed and the belief on the energetic level changed.

There are various techniques that can be used for this. One of them is Theta Healing. More about Theta healing you can see here

Author: Ana