Self-development techniques that changed my life

As someone who was always interested in self-development, for years I have been searching for techniques that can better the quality of my life. For as long as I have been aware, I always wanted something better, nicer, for myself and for others. I was a real seeker. I would try any technique I would come across. Some of them I used for longer, some for shorter periods of time. Some I would stop using, but would come back to them again, some I even use today. In this text I will share with you my view of the techniques that caught my attention and what they have brought in to my life.


Quantum harmonization is one of the methods I have come across that I use to this day. It is very simple and is applicable to a great number of subjects and is good for generally raising the consciousness. I always gladly recommend it to clients because of it is applicable and simple (even my mom uses it on her for years and she comes back to it every time she feels she is out of balance). For more information about this technique you can contact me at


I have heard about reconnection from my yoga teacher. In a period of some six months during the year of 2014. I have done 4 balance reconnections in the Bast Center. Then, in 2015., I have done a personal reconnection also. After a couple of turbulent months, things started to settled down and my life after a sudden turn, started going in a completely different direction.


I have gotten to know Reiki in 2015., after my mom has solved some of her life challenges this way. On her persuasion, shortly after I finished the training for practitioner so I could do the treatments on her and myself. After a few treatments, her need for them stopped, and I started working with clients which continues to this day. More about Reiki you can find here


I have found out about this technique thanks to a friend and client to whom I have done Reiki. On her initiative, in the beginning of 2016. I finish the training for the processor of Deep PEAT and in 2018. I became trainer. I love this method because of its efficiency and the fast change it brings in cleaning up emotional charges and solving even the deepest emotional traumas. The integration of polarities is another important aspect of this technique. The deep work with primordial energies that can be accessed with this technique, I have come to know much later, when I included them in my standard sessions and started combining them with Theta Healing, which has deepened the results I had with my clients. More about Deep PEAT you can find here


Theta Healing is one of the first techniques I have found out about back in 2013., when I did a few sessions and fallen in love with it. Back then I knew that it will mark my work and life path, but I didn’t know I will not start the training for a practitioner until 2016. After a couple of failed attempts to start the training during 2014.and 2015, I gave up on the idea thinking it is not the right time yet. Simply I had to let go of some things from my life so I could be ready to take that step. When the dots connected and I started working with Theta my life has literally changed from the core. My view of the world, myself and reality has changed. The reason I  love Theta Healing is because it is a technique that is constantly evolving and that there are no limitations in using it. It is a technique I highly value because it is coded with virtues, which means that it educates the practitioner about virtues primarily and then about new spiritual knowledge. This is something I consider very important because it makes the practitioners aware of their powers and it remind them to use it for the highest good for others, themselves and the whole community. More about Theta Healing you can find here

Autor of text and photos: Ana