A job interview from a Soul’s point of view

How does it look like when we bring our own Soul to a job interview? Instead of the term Soul, we can also use the term consciousness, higher Self, intuition. In any case, it is the aspect of us that in any given moment can see more and has a wider picture of reality compared to the perception our Ego, that is based on belief systems, rational conclusions and emotions.

The experience I had was a last week’s job interview in an Eco-village in Sweden and it will be presented through a dialog between me (A) and my Soul (S). For me it was especially interesting the different perceptions of the Ego and Soul and their experiences of the same interview.
I am so focused on “selling” myself that I don’t even question if this is the right opportunity for me
Tomorrow will be an important day. When I returned from the eco-village in Switzerland I have  realized that my life path was living and working in an eco-village. So I have decided to apply again for a job. I was preparing for the interview. I was rereading my CV and motivation letter and going though it, so I could present myself well. I hear the voice of my intuition in my head :

“You’re nervous and upset. It will be good to do a short meditation. It will calm you down.”

A: “I can’t now. I don’t have time.”

D: “There are other ways you can prepare for a job interview. Connect with me and I will show you how.”

I went into a theta state (the state that I am in when I practice Theta healing) and I connected with my Soul. It asked me how I feel:

A: “I am nervous and anxious. Even though I already have a lot of experience in this, every time I still feel insecure when I have a job interview. I feel as though I am not good enough. I am afraid I will not succeed.”

D: “How much do you know about the project and the conditions of life in this eco-village?”

A: “Not much. Just the things they have written in the ad.”

D: “How do you know then if this is the right opportunity for you? You are so focused on proving them that you are good enough, that you are not even thinking if they have what you need and what can help you in your development.”

In that moment I have realized that I have made a picture of that eco-village without having much information. So, I started making a list of questions about aspects of living there that are important for me. In that moment I have realized that the goal of a job interview is not to “sell” myself at any cost, but to offer what I have and to express my needs. For the employer to do the same and for both of us to consider if what we offer and seek is mutually compatible. If it is, then it is the right opportunity. If it isn’t, then we will continue seeking what suits us more. When I realized that, my focus went back to my goals and needs and on the skills and knowledge I can offer and an amazing thing started happening: all of my previous nervousness and fear disappeared. The night before the interview I went to sleep more than satisfied and quite relaxed.

The conversation is the goal

I woke up pretty early and decided to have another talk with my Soul before the interview. Once I again I started meditating. The Soul started conversation:

“You are so focused on your goal, that you forget about the process. What is going to happen if during your interview you realize that this is not the opportunity for you?”

A: (sadly) “I will be disappointed. I will be in a bad mood. It will fell I spent time spent in vain.”

D: “Nothing we do is in vain. You are living in the past or future, and  you are forgetting that there is only now. If you are only focused in the NOW you will be PRESENT during the interview. You won’t analyze or think about what you need to answer and the interview will flow naturally. You will realize and say everything that is needed, you will let your consciousness speak through you. It will connect with the consciousness of your interviewer and you will on an energetic level exchange what is needed. It will be clear as day then if there is a resonance between your energies or not. You will simply know, without any drama or pointless analyzing.

A: “All right, if I don’t need to be focused on the outcome of the interview, what should I be focused on? For me, focus is really important. It gives meaning to what I am doing.”

D: “You will meet two new people that have a similar life mission like you, and they will open a door in to a new reality, which you couldn’t have realized any other way. You will exchange energies with these people and they will present to you their values, ideas, needs and lifestyle. Isn’t the experience from the conversation and the exchange with them valuable by itself?

In this moment that conversation with the Soul ended and I grounded myself thinking about what it has told me. Honestly, I never had a viewpoint of things like this before.
Shortly after the interview started. The conversation was flowing, relaxed and easy. I really got to know very dear and pleasant people. After the conversation I connected with the Soul through meditation. It asked:

“How was it?”

A: “Great. We have exchanged nice energy. I really enjoyed myself. However, I am not sure it this is the right opportunity for me.”

D: “Why?”

A: “The place is very isolated, it is cold for most of the year and some rooms don’t have heating. In the rooms there is no internet and I won’t be able to practice Theta Healing, and that is something that I truly love to do.”

D: “Then this isn’t the right opportunity for you. Don’t attach yourself to the form and shape, but for what the opportunity can give you. Everything in life has a purpose, even this conversation. In the the right moment it will be revealed to you.”

A couple of days later the answer came. I wasn’t accepted and I wasn’t surprised. Before I would have been disappointed and it would have proven how not good enough I was. But this time, I have thanked them and myself for the nice half-hour exchange of energy and went my way. And now I have realized why I needed this experience. A part from the important life lessons I have come to know, I have gotten a chance to share this experience with you. If there wasn’t the interview, there wouldn’t have been this text. It was worth it, wasn’t it?

Autor of text and photo: Ana