When the day starts too early

Have you ever asked yourself how would your day look like if you made an early start? Do you wake up feeling tired and sleepy, and you ask yourself how are you going to make it through the day until the lunch break, to the end of working time, until the vacation, the end of the year, your pension? Do you have a feeling that all the ease and joy of life has been only experienced in the past or in a future? That before everything was nicer, better, more joyful? If you could go back to some time in the past that you are thinking about, you will probably find yourself in the moment where you were dreaming of some better tomorrow and a nicer and happier future… Whatever way we look at it, it seems as though that moment of happiness and ease keeps escaping us and like we are going through our whole life searching for “that” feeling, constantly hoping that we will catch it if we become or have something.

Inner joy is a state of being, not something you can catch

For us to come to a point where we can experience inner joy, we first have to come to the point of inner peace and balance. What ever storms may be happening outside, whatever may be happening in our life, we will be most at peace the closer we are to the center.

The center of what? The center of ourselves, our own consciousness, the place where it all starts. That is the place where we all find our replenishment no matter how tired we may feel from whatever the life’s circumstances are. If we stay there for a longer period we can regenerate ourselves, our energy and find new joy and meaning. For us to achieve this, we don’t need to do or to become anything and we don’t need to have anything. What we need to do is to let go. To let go everything that no longer serves us. Anything that has become too tight or in excess, any mental or emotional patterns, relations, things, circumstances or situations that we create. When we let ourselves be in the void for some time (no matter how it, at some moment feels scary) we will open up the space for new beginnings, new people, new situations that will serve us more, that will be more in alignment with us and that gives a new wind in our sails. We will start seeing a wider picture and everything will start becoming clearer. That place is where the magic starts.

Ego is a very useful tool if it is used correctly

The Ego, in the meaning that I use, represents the structure of our physical, mental and emotional body. It represents our first and basic structure and enables us to exist in the world of physical reality. That is the structure that grounds our consciousness in our physical reality. The ego is nor positive neighter negative, it is simply a necessary vehicle which our Soul uses to gain and processes the experience in the physical reality. It becomes dysfunctional when it believes that he is the only one that exists, when it limits the perspective of the Soul and suppress all aspects of reality that do not match it`s paradigm. On the other hand, in the emotional sense this dysfunction is expressed through certain emotional patterns that don’t benefit us as an integrated and whole being. By ignoring, repressing and avoiding emotional pain that we keep avoiding to face, we keep creating a dysfunctional situations, relationships in our life, as well as  body symptoms and illnesses.

Consciousness can’t be categorized as good or bad, it is all that exists

Consciousness is all that exists. Everything is connected and we are all connected. When we start noticing these connections in their divinity and dysfunction the Ego will finally  take a break because it doesn’t have to hide from us it’s imperfection anymore. On this way we open up a space for a new quality to come in our life as we are connecting more and more with our consciousness. When we are connected this way, we can connect with the consciousness of others as well. It is then that all of our relationships start drastically changing. The people that do not support our development will start going and we will spontaneously start attracting cheerful, happy and fulfilled people. Our consciousness will lead us to them. It is very easy to feel the difference between Ego and Consciousness.  The Ego is fighting, breaking up, separating. Consciousness is the natural flow of evolution. That means that the intuition is “whispering” us , what and how we could do something. On every crossroad it knows the shortest, easiest and most beautiful way. It cannot be realized rationally. We reveal it when we connect to ourselves on a very deep level, when we realize ourselves as a whole being and we become aware that we are much more than we think we are. Do we need to go to a forest and give up everything for it to happen? Definitely not (even though for some this may be the path). It is enough to have a few minutes of silence everyday when we are focused on ourselves. When we dare to look what is hidden behind the flood of thoughts and emotions? What is found in that silence, in the void? Is it really void or does it at the same time present a paradox and complete fulfillment that we so longingly seek? And does being in this paradox presents a door to the awakening of our Soul in all our abundance and greatness? When we go through this door of paradox we realize that our ego can be our assistant, an unbelievable biological machine, a “processor” all of our experiences. We are the ones sitting at the computer, and it is the one that is processing the information and stimuli from the outside world. This realization can be scary because it includes processing of all information, not just the ones that we like and that are pleasant. It is also a process where we learn how to feel and accept pain, sadness, anger, everything we tend to ignore or what we have been thought not to feel. Through the paradox of complete surrender and acceptance of EVERYTHING what is happening in our life, we become empowered and we get the tools of how to change our lives without the need to create new pain and dysfunction. Not through fighting, not through control, but through acceptance, which brings us new ease and joy of living that enables us a COMPLETE PRESENCE in our lives and in the physical reality which we are a part of. Our Soul with it’s coming into a physical body wanted experience and we have the power to give it. It gives us a wider perception, a we give it structure. It gives us chances, we give it results. It gives us inspiration, we give it creation. Actually, in one moment we realize that we are playing in the same team. Do we need then to give up the material things so we could find the inner joy we are seeking for? Absolutely not. Not unless we become attached to them. It is, like everything else part of our experience as a physical being, and the fulfillment and joy were and will be always inside of us.

Author of text and photo: Ana