Writings of the Soul- Unwanted emotions and what to do with them

Most of us separate emotions into wanted and unwanted, into positive and negative, the same way we tend to perceive our whole reality-through polarities. As a continuation of the channeled series of texts “Writings of the Soul”, here is a text about a different perspectives and ideas about emotions and perception of our reality. This text will be presented through a dialogue between me (A) and my Soul (D)  that speaks to me through my Higher Self.

D: First I would like to say “Hi” to you and all of our readers and to thank you for giving us this opportunity to share with you our view of some interesting and important topics. Why do I say we? Because we see ourselves as whole, as a field of Consciousness. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our individual identities and that we are not whole all by ourselves. This means that we have our own characteristics and specifics, but we are able to co-create with all and everyone with whom our vibration is aligned, with everyone with whom we share the same vision. With the infusion of energy that shared vision turns into pure creation. We see our uniqueness and diversity as a richness, as a an abundance of possibility and potential. We see ourselves complete, whole and unique, but at the same time we see how we perfectly fit into the beautiful tapestry of wholeness. The same way we see you- as beautiful, powerful and creative Beings, however hard it may be for you to see this truth.

A: Where do emotions fit in this picture of wholeness? What are emotions from your perspective and how do they affect our experience?

D: Primarily, what we need to emphasize is that you, as creator Beings have the consciousness of everything existing. You are much more than your mind and your emotions. The emotional body is just one of many bodies that you have and that enables you to feel the reality you are experiencing, to feel and react to situations and circumstances. They help you process the experience of living in physical reality and also to warn you when your mental or physical body are in danger. They are, when they are used well, needed and very useful. They enable people to connect and exchange energy, they can be used as energy fuel and they are really powerful when they work with the law of attraction: what you can feel you can attract. It is pure energetic potential. Like anything else emotional energy can have different vibrations and because of that it can shape your reality in different ways.

A: Does that mean that low frequency emotions are unwanted and should be avoided?

D: However, a paradox it may seem, the answer is absolutely and definitely NOT. Emotions cannot be consciously removed. The only conscious decision that can be made is to repress and postpone their expression! Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change its shape and stay in the energy centers, cells, your energy field and express itself through dysfunctions in the physical level, through unstable relations and conflicts that don’t even have to do anything with the primary problem, but can have the same vibration as the unexpressed emotions you are carrying eg. instead of an argument with your boss you have an argument with your parents few days later, or certain circumstances (eg. your car broke down) are created for the emotional charge to be expressed and emptied. You don’t create only with your conscious mind! You create with ALL you are: You create with your consciousness – even when you are not conscious  of it (laughing), as well as with all of your subconscious programs, all buried and repressed emotions, all archetypal energies and all other distortions that exist in your energy field for whatever reason they are in. When we put this in the context of emotions, it is much more useful if you instead of repressing and controlling your emotions let them be expressed in a SAFE manner, for yourself and others, to give them a safe point of out of the energy field before they pile up to the point where they become destructive. Water can be manifested as rain but also as a flood. If emotional energy is allowed to flow naturally through the energetic system, the experience of emotions will be pleasant and closer to the original purpose.

A: What can we, as people who care about our well being do to enable the natural flow of emotional energy?

D: Stop controlling your emotions with your mind. To most of you, this has already lead to a big disbalance between mental and emotional energy. Allow yourself to feel. Sit every day, even if it is for a short period of time and feel without the need to interpret your emotions. Simply, just be them. If you feel a great amount of piled up and destructive emotions, just feel them without judgement. Find a way to let go of them SAFELY. You can let go of them through crying- it is there as a mechanism for the clearing of our energy system. No matter how much of programming has been done about suppressing crying, crying is still a fantastic way of letting go of charged emotions and emotional tension. All the programing, about not expressing emotions that have been inherited from authority figures, parents and other factors have created the picture of the world you are experiencing today. It came from their fear of their emotions when you “mirrored” their unintegrated emotional tension! (pause). It is also important to emphasize that everybody is responsible for their own emotions. Others can trigger them, but the cause for them is always inside the person who is creating his reality. In that sense, unwanted emotions can be a gift, a road sign for old unresolved patterns. With letting them go we create a  better quality of life and nicer reality.

A: Do emotions exists in the plane of existence where you are?  Do you experience your reality in the same way?

D: This is a really interesting question. The plane of existence  where I am is different in nature from the physical reality where you live. My experience of different realities is vibrational. I don’t play with emotions, I play with vibration (laughs). Since I am a part of you and that you so graciously give me access to your mental and emotional body (laughing again), I can connect with your emotional experience and I can compare it to my experience of vibration. From the perspective of the Soul, it is easier to observe the whole and the role that every part plays in it, so your emotional expression can be viewed from the point of greater balance and neutrality. Emotions can feel like a rollercoaster ride (at least that is how it looks like from our perspective) and mostly they have their own polarities in which you can fall into easily. What we are experiencing is something similar to sensations or feelings, they are experienced more calmly, less euphoric and less painful. It is a state that is more balanced and integrated, somehow closer to the center. We can consciously choose the vibration with which we want to fill the field with and create with it as the Creator beings that we are. But, let’s make it clear, that does not mean that are not able to tune into the vibrations of your emotional expression. It simply means that we have mastered the skills of creating our own experiences through conscious choice of vibrations and that is what you are learning now. When you come to know that everything is a holographic expression of yourself, you will understand that you are all along playing a game with yourselves. From that perspective it is hard to “hate your neighbor” because there is an awareness that the neighbor is another expression of yourself and that everything that you “send out” comes back to you. Why would you then harm anyone, when you can obtain your experiences through much nicer and joyful ways? We think that it is time that people come to the awareness of themselves as a part of a bigger whole and instead of competing and conquering they turn to co-creation and connection. That emotions can be a lot of help in this process. Connect now with the vibrations of peace, joy, empathy, support and cooperation. Try and imagine what kind of reality that would be when you create from them. And now use your emotional body to feel it. It is really simple.That is how you create. And now is the time that we together create that kind of reality.  It is only important that we respect everyone’s right to live and the free will of other beings (pause). So, we have one question for you Ana: How do you experience your reality in the context of your emotions?

My personal path of emotional develpment

A: (a little bit confused) My emotional development has been a long and bumpy journey. As someone who has spent a lot of time in school, I was more focused on my mental, then emotional development. These past few years, as I started intensively my self-development journey, I have begun to pay more attention to the way I feel during the day. The energy work has brought up a big amount of unresolved and suppressed emotions to to the surface, that I was usually processing using Deep PEAT on a daily basis. I believe it is not the only way we can do this, but it showed great results for me. Also we can write a journal, speak out loud when we are alone (however crazy that might sound), paint, play, sing, dance, run, exercise or practice some sport. I personally enjoy playing an instrument, dancing, doing yoga, having massages and other energy techniques, that at the same time relax me and bring me back into a state of balance. Today I am in a much greater state of balance than ever before. I feel more and I am more in the state of peace.

D: Thank you for sharing with us your questions and experiences. Thank you for the space you have made for us in your work. We send you the vibrations of love and gratefulness. Bring them into your daily life and miracles will start to happen.

A: I thank all of you that selflessly share your love and wisdom with me and support me on my life path and my work.

Author of text and photos: Ana