I forgive myself

I look myself in the mirror. Who is looking at me from there? What kind of strenght is coming out of it? How much love does this person carry inside? How much hate, fear, hardship? With the same eyes I see the world around me. I see the world and my reflection in it. I see my strength and weaknesses. Who do I blame for my fate, for my choices? God, parents, friends, men? When will I grow up? When will I come to realize my own power and take responsiblity for my own choices? When will I choose to create through beauty an joy? To connect through ease? It is easy being a victim. It is always easier to blame others. Or maybe it is even harder. It is harder living like that, giving up the power to others. And how much more? Until some new drama, until some new conflict?

Now I take responsibility for myself and I forgive myself

For all the dramas, conflicts and confusing thoughts
For all the anger and hate that I directed towards others
For all the arogance, conceit and superiority
For all condescending looks and ironic reactions
For all the judgment, cinical comments and disrespect toward others
For pain, sadness and suffering that I took on myself
For all failures, falls and extreme reactions

Now I choose to accept myself.

I choose to be whole.

To accept everything I am.

To accept what I would most likely to change.

To love my imperfections.

To love my strength and all my weaknesses.

I’m leaving the world of polarity.

I release all the polarities within me. All extremes and conflicts.

I connect with the universal field of harmony.

I connect with universal field of love.

I connect with unity and balance. With peace and clarity.

With ease of existence in all that is.

Enough with suffering. Enough with pain.

Through my strength of love I create with all that is.

Loving others we love ourselves.

I know that it is possible.

And that I create right now.