Writings of the Soul-The pain and joy of being in the void

I believe that everyone at one time found himself in the void and had the feeling that everything has stopped, that he can’t go on like this anymore, that he hit a wall. Most ask themselves – why me, is this only happening to me, what did I do to deserve this? The void is not a place meant for only the ones with bad luck or the ones who did something wrong. The void is simply place where one road ends and the another starts. So, what then? How and where do we go from here?

When drama creates more drama

The void is a place that people unwillingly visit. Most often, they are “forced” to enter it. For the one who is there for the first time, the experience can be frightening. To most the feeling of the void, especially if they are identified with their Ego, looks like emptiness. This is something that can trigger the deepest fears of disappearing and death as well as the feelings of helplessness and despair. The mind can experience this as a state of mental confusion and feeling lost. On the physical level it can be followed by fatigue without reason, anxiety or the return of some old habits we thought we had let go. This is what most often, takes the mind into a state of alarm and then he tries to solve situation  in his own way: to find solutions, it makes an action plan or do just  restless thinking. This only drains our energy even more and we continue running the same thoughts in our head, without result, which makes us more and more frustrated, helpless and desperate.

What can we do in that moment?

What is the best thing you can do in that moment is what is the hardest – to stop. Whenever  you create from despair, you will only create new reasons to be even more desperate. Breath deeply and do whatever is in your power to calm your mind and release the excess of thoughts. Take a walk, meditate, do whatever will help you come back into the state of balance. The mind in that moment and  energy state cannot find the best solution because of its own drama can’t see from a bigger perspective. This is a good time to reevaluate your emotions and find out what it is they trigger in you. An unbelievable pearls of self-development could be created from the result of processes started in the void. This is a great moment to release programs of control and to find the authentic connection with yourself and your intuition. Then you continue your journey with full force and with a wider picture that has “suddenly” opened  in front of us, with  new energy and enthusiasm.

Photo by Yong Chuan on Unsplash

Why are even in the void?

Being in the void is a very natural part in the development of the consciousness. It is an illusion that we will not return there if we work on ourselves. On the contrary, the more we work on ourselves the more we will be in it, but our stay there will become shorter and we will make a lot less drama while sitting there. It simply means that a part on our journey has ended and that we have “outgrown” some of our old emotional and mental patterns, relationships or life circumstances. It is not to say that they were wrong, they simply don’t serve us anymore. It shows that we are ready to move on, releasing all of the baggage we have collected on the way. It is a call for awakening and for new beginning. From an energetic point of view this is a point of return to a great void, the emptiness and in the same time the point of total potential. Actually, it is an unbelievably powerful place because it gives our energetic system a reset, an energetic renewal and regeneration. This is usually followed with an ABSENCE of action and if we let intuition guide us, we will come to what we really need in the moment, whether they are people that can help our us, books or techniques. Some will stay there for longer, some for a shorter time. It is a paradox that the more we want to runaway the longer we stay there. The more we let go and allow our authentic self to take over “the steering wheel”, the dots start connecting in unexpected ways, we start getting new realizations and all of a sudden we know what we should do. Mastering the process of creation, we come to realize an unbelievable power this state can bring us and we become aware that from nothing, from this big void everything has been created. We can then enter this state consciously whenever we feel the need for renewal, an energetic charging, new realizations, clarity and new ways. We come to know that this void is inside of us and that we don’t need to go anywhere to connect with it, and that at the same time it makes the fullness of everything that we are. We won’t need to create chaos and drama in our lives anymore for it to take us there. It is a moment when we can start  to create and to use the energy of the void as an energetic potential. How we will use it and for what purpose, it is up to us. Everything that we create is an expression of us and everything that comes back to us is a consequence of it in the world of balance we have created.

Author: Ana