Reiki practitioner training

Level I, II, III

Reiki is a method for energetic and spiritual development that uses universal cosmic energy. In the world today there are thirty different systems of Reiki, each one with their own characteristics, but essentially, all of its knowledge is derived from one ancient school of Fam Rei, originally from Tibet, which Mikao Usui has established into the educational system 1909. and named it Usui Reiki.

What is Reiki healing based on?

Reiki healing is based on channeling Universal Cosmic Energy and transferring that energy through certain hand placements on the body. The energy of Reiki is gentle, caring, and healing by nature and works on the vibration of unconditional love. It is important to emphasize, that when working with the energy of Reiki, the bioenergy of the healer isn’t used, but the Universal Cosmic Energy is channeled. The school that I finished training for Third level Master is based on the teachings of Usui Reiki Fam Rei system.

What is specific about the Usui Reiki Fam Rei system?

„Mikao Usui founded two Reiki associations – „Usui Reiki Fam Rei“ in Nepal in 1912. and „Usui Reiki Rjoho Gakai“ in Japan in 1922. After the death of the teacher Mikao Usui, these two associations developed completely independently from one another. The older one has kept the main Fam Rei system in its original form the way that Mikao Usui has formed it. While the younger association was forced to adopt a more efficient, but simpler system that removed any kind of double channeled flow of energy, all secret symbols and a lot of energy healing practices…“ taken from the website

What can Reiki be used for?

The benefits of Reiki can be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. That means that it can be used on a wide range of states that we want to enhance on all levels. It is really gentle energy of high vibrations that don’t have any unwanted effects on any living being (animals, plants). Reiki can’t only be done on people with pacemakers (so the energy won’t affect the functioning of the device) and with people under anesthesia because of the effect that the energy can have in lessening the anesthesia. My experience with Reiki is that it is a great technique if we need an energetic recharge, renewal, and support. It is great in combination with other techniques of personal development that I also practice.

How does training look like?

Usui Reiki Fam Rei training has 3 levels. In the first level, you learn the principles of Reiki, Reiki positions and you get the symbol to open two-channel Reiki energy channel. After the first level, you are asked to do 20 self-healings and then you are able to continue your education for the second and third levels. At the second level, you get four more symbols that you can use for energy protection and to do distance healing. In the third level, you get 3 more symbols for the deeper connection with the higher planes and a more intense download of energy.

Training can be done in person or via Skype. Price per level is paid through monthly membership in the Association which is 200 EUR. More info you can get at

For this program, the person has to be mentally healthy. The program is not a replacement for a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, but a meditation technique. If you are on any kind of professional treatment it is your responsibility to consult a professional regarding all spiritual practices, meditative techniques, and personal development techniques. The Association for personal and creative development Conscious Me disowns any responsibility for using any of the above-mentioned techniques and methods used in personal work and with others, during seminars/workshops/training as well as outside of them. That is your responsibility. You are aware you will not get in our training any official medical or psychotherapeutic knowledge.