Encounters, raw love and its materialization

You see each other. A conversation starts. It seems you’ve known each other for years, decades, centuries… from the beginning of time. And it seems you still need as much time for your souls to connect, to embrace one another, to unite. In that instant, you may have known each barely a day, it doesn’t matter. Time does not play a role here, it has actually ceased to exist. The meeting is important, the meeting lasts both indefinitely and only one instant in time. The moment  in which we know each other perfectly and we want to get to know each other more hoping that getting to know the other will never end. We share ourselves, we experience a transformation at that very moment – our personal and shared transformation with the other person. We know that we are no longer the same. The alchemy of the meeting of two souls in a timeless moment torn from everyday life, a moment of pure existence for oneself and for the other and with the other, raw love. Love that has no physical form, only this spiritual one, two souls that flow into one shared consciousness and experience.

The materialization of row love can be through romantic relationship, physical contact, friendship, collegiality, solidarity, protection, mentoring… And it can last long, developing steadily… Also, sometimes, it can fade away or turn into its opposite. Why is that? Materialization of raw love brings other aspects of our 3D existence into the relationship of two souls – complex structures of our personalities, desires, ambitions, beliefs, prejudices, visions, upbringing, career, social norms, beliefs, expectations… A relationship, ignited by the contact of two souls, becomes more complex and it becomes a part of that reality, personality, relationship with others. All of this falls in between two souls, separating them from each other. In a healthy relationship, where personalities and other parts of being are whole, souls connect and disconnect in a natural manner, following the flow of souls’ needs. Balance is in that constant flow and change of uniting and splitting. Repeated connections and moments of unity recover a sense of pure love, pouring new energy, fulfillment and sense of meaning into the relationship. It returns souls to the beginning, to the spiritual and out of burdens of everyday life. On the other hand, time of separation gives freedom to both souls to bring the fruits of love in this material world through personal creativity, building of other meaningful relationships and operating successfully day to day. This balance is damaged when it is deviated to one side of equilibrium for prolonged periods of time. Then, one soul remains with unsatisfied need for contact, and the other eager to be alone and stay free, or both of them simply remain stuck in everyday life obligations, failing to live to their authenticity and letting the initial impulse of energy to fade away. The failure to come back to the initial flame, to share, to consume, to live one another spiritually, slowly drains the essence from a relationship, which becomes bare existentiality.   

The wisdom here is to understand that materialization of raw love may or may not happen. It takes a lot of self awareness and courage to let such experiences exist without an epilogue or new episodes without suffering, but rather by embracing that timeless moment of encounter in a special treasury of experiences that have changed us, have moved us and have enlightened us. The further we are from our soul, the less it is present in our everyday life, work, creation, actions, relationships, and the greater is the need to materialize such encounters that make us feel alive again, when everything made sense, our reality gained color again. We desperately need to feel alive, to feel again what one encounter brought us, and we want more, not realizing that it is just a drug that temporarily separates us from ourselves in everyday life. The feeling for ourselves, our needs, our soul and their fulfillment, that is what we are in lack of, and that is why we feel numb, melancholic, apathetic… We lose it by living our lives by school rules, work rules, obligations… and the feeling is what seduces and pulls us towards each other – it is not the other person, but a feeling, that is what we want, because we do not live our true selves, but adapted versions of ourselves.

When we manage to let go, allow and enjoy as it is, then it is the meeting of two souls that develops naturally as the soul needs it, and that is exactly the love without form and characteristics and the very one that moves people and worlds.